absolutely cool and unshaken

Lalit Modi is one of the unforgettable names in Indian cricket one of the masterminds behind the IPL cricket he has been one of the coolest guys to look forward combining the winning formula CRICKET+BOLLYWOOD+ENTERTAINMENT=IPL he has been amazing with his great idea.Despite of many allegations against him for issues related to the auction of IPL he has been seen very cool in this interview we can see this man answering questions in a very cool manner without any problem.The way he presents himself is absolutely awesome there is a lot to learn from this man on how to tackle situations that are unexpected.While you may be presenting there may be situations where you may have to face adversities you should be always prepared to tackle that situations with enough backup,for example consider a situation where your display panel goes of while you are making a presentation in that situation you should be ready to take the next step rather than panicking and putting yourself under shame,there comes the effectiveness of a true leader and people will start looking forward to you.


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