Fear as i told cannot be completely eliminated and understand that stage fright is not the phenomenon experienced by you only,it is simply natural if you keep these two thing in mind you become half confident then what you need is self motivation keep yourself always high by seeing or saying someting very positive about yourself i used to say "i am the greatest i am the champion "quotes by Muhammad ali who used to say this before he is on stage now practice the whole stuff several times if you are very nervous because that boost your confidence level and also make you feel that you are greater than anybody in the crowd which is your ultimate aim to be confident about yourself.Experience makes you perfect there is no doubt for that,how can you get experience simply by grabbing oppurtunities.Watch videos of weak men,uneducated,and physically handicapped persons making a impact on the stage like martin luther,abraham lincoln,nick vujicic i am sure this will surely motivate you no doubt.


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